About Us

Northside Clock has been passed down through the ages, four generations to be exact. We are the keepers of time employing a team of horologists that study this whimsical notion and put into practice this intangibility with the construction, repair, sale, and restoration of clocks. We have been in business over sixty years, and despite our staunchest efforts and intensive studies, we know that time affects us all. Our goal as a company is to ensure that our customers get the most possible out of that time. Clocks are the way in which we believe happiness can be achieved and memories created. 

There is often a negative connotation to clocks in the business world. We are enslaved by them, and forced to cater to a punch clock, but clocks also ensure that we make it to the small things like the inauguration and the big things like our children’s soccer games. Clocks help us prioritize our time. They bring us closer to family, closer to life, and remind us to make the most of every second. Clocks are living breathing insurance that memories are to be made, and more importantly, are to be remembered. Northside Clocks knows this and wants to afford everyone the opportunity to indulge in the most efficient use of time possible. 

Our storefront located in the heart of Tennessee boasts hundreds of clocks from all around the world and from all ages. Time tells a story, and nothing is more apparent when one walks into the “clock shop”. German cuckoos from the Black Forest, French mantle clocks from centuries past, American Banjos that echo the Americana dream, we have them all and more. We do not just keep time. We preserve it in our own small way.  

As skilled craftsmen, we can repair these beautiful time pieces and keep the tradition of time alive. We want to share that with you. Every clock has a unique history, a unique memory. Allow us the opportunity to keep that memory alive, and stop by to see us.